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We are a State Agency under the Department of Education.  All of our services are free.
We have programs that serve all ages of people who have a serious eye condition that affects both eyes, and causes difficulties with school, work, or independent living.  Many of our services have to do with the provision of training so that an individual can live independently despite a visual disability.  We also offer a full program of Vocational Rehabilitation to those who are seeking employment (job training, low vision assistance, assistive technology, job site evaluation, and more), or are having difficulty on the job because of a visual disability.  For younger individuals, we can assist with problems in the area of their education.
We want to especially make sure that businesses are aware of our services, as we are a good source for employers seeking motivated and talented job seekers.  We have assisted blind individuals in a vast array of types of employment, and in particular have found that most areas of Customer Service can be effectively performed by individuals who are visually impaired.  Companies such as Convergys, Aetna, and ADT are among the companies who have hired our clients and are happy that they did so.  We also often can help with an employee who may be having on-the-job problems due to vision related issues. 
Our web cite explains these services in more detail, and there are videos that can be viewed as well.  For those interested, they may call our office at 348-2730 during normal business hours.  There is always a professional designated to explain our services and take an application by phone.  We also welcome phone calls by business and industry who are seeking to fill jobs, have employees that may benefit from our services, or would like a visit by one of us to discuss our services.